Alles, was wir beginnen, erledigen wir mit Entschlossenheit, natürlicher Begeisterung und Hingabe. Wir arbeiten für den Sport in der Natur und wir leben für unsere Produkte. Wir sind stolz darauf, Radsportbegeisterten weltweit das aus unserer Sicht beste Produkt anbieten zu können. Innovation made in Germany.

Product management

Auch wenn niemand von unserem Team den Spitzensport auf dem Rad betreibt, schlägt das Bikerherz grundsätzlich hoch. Ab und zu starten wir eine verrückte Challenge, um unser eigenes Produkt herauszufordern. For example, we ride 150 kilometers on a fat bike through Belgium or we go on a sunrise to sunset tour on a race bike to the North Sea.

With this motif we represent the whole REVOLOOP team. Only when we have tested our products extensively and continuously ourselves and are absolutely convinced and enthusiastic are they good enough.


We never rest on our laurels. We question our services and technical solutions on a daily basis. Today's challenges give rise to tomorrow's solutions and products. We are constantly looking for better and better solutions.

Technology and design

2015 - the birth of the REVOLOOP High Performance Bicycle Tube. At one of our meetings, the idea of a lightweight bicycle tube made from sustainable TPU was born. After much tinkering and trial and error, it was born - the first REVOLOOP. There is one basic requirement for innovation: having the courage to try things out and not letting others stop you. 

"Our passion is characterized by paying attention to tiny details that then develop into something big. In the end, if even one person wins a race, has an unforgettable moment or achieves a personal goal, we are satisfied." 

As engineers and technicians, we are passionate about technology and design and are inspired every day by the technical possibilities that we still see in this great product and that we want to see on the road tomorrow. That's what we get up for every day :)


We strive for the highest quality and sustainability in the design and manufacture of our products. We believe that high-quality, reliable and durable products ensure an optimal user experience and satisfaction.

Made in Germany | Aachen

Maintaining quality over many years is a constant examination of the product and the production process and is certainly sometimes an exhausting process. Just as not every hour has to be pure pleasure for you as a biker, every step in production also requires attention and effort. All for a higher goal: quality, and for years to come. Every cogwheel has to mesh. Because we want to ensure that we meet all our customers' needs. In order to guarantee the REVOLOOP quality of every single product, detailed test scenarios and criteria and the highest quality standards are defined. With the help of specially developed machines, we test every product until we are 100 percent satisfied. Quality - made in Germany.


We deliver what we promise. Athletes and recreational athletes all over the world trust REVOLOOP for good reason. This applies equally to our employees and business partners. We treat everyone with respect, appreciation and sincerity.

Sustainability through resource efficiency

At REVOLOOP, we are passionate about products made from recyclable polymers and about our customers. We want to be the world's leading company in the development of recyclable products made from sustainable TPU polymer materials for our customers and create value for society. With our expertise, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we make a decisive contribution to changing the world for the better. That is our goal. That is what drives us and what we do best: for a sustainable future.

The world is facing major challenges. Climate change is progressing, the world's population is growing and with it the need for products that have as little impact on our environment as possible. More and more people are living in cities and the need for individual mobility is increasing. At the same time, natural resources are limited. More than ever, we need solutions that enable sustainable growth. Recyclable products made from innovative, sustainable polymers are of central importance here. They can help to overcome challenges in many areas of life. By combining our expertise with the competence of our customers, we can develop sustainable and profitable solutions together.