High Performance Bicycle Tubes



We launched the REVOLOOP brand at tpu+ GmbH in Aachen back in 2016. The idea back then was the same as it is today - to develop an innovative bicycle inner tube based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with properties that are clearly superior to classic butyl products in all disciplines.The result is a technically innovative product whose properties have been specifically tailored to the different requirements of riders and bikes, thus meeting the special technical challenges in every facet. This means that a tube for road cycling has different technical properties to a product for MTB use in downhill sports. Each product is designed and developed to meet the requirements of the rider and the equipment and to serve them perfectly.

Thanks to our patented process for manufacturing multilayer tube products using a coextrusion process, we can combine different TPU materials with each other and thus produce a material mix that is both extremely light and flexible, but also super tough and resistant. In addition, a thermoplastic material can be recycled several times and can be returned to our production process. This is particularly sustainable and is in line with our idea of sustainable production in Germany. For this reason, we develop and produce all our products at our site in Aachen and only source the valve insert as a purchased part from a European partner. We also source the TPU base materials in Germany and process them into the finished product at our Aachen site. Innovation made in Germany.

Less is more...

Lightweight & compact

Weight isn't everything. But saving weight in the right places can have a significant impact on performance and riding feel. REVOLOOP products are on average up to 3 times lighter than their classic butyl counterparts. Due to the significantly reduced wall thickness compared to conventional butyl tubes, the dimensions of our products are also very compact. The pack size is many times smaller than a butyl product and can therefore be easily stowed in any saddle bag. This makes a REVOLOOP product the perfect companion for tubeless riders, among others, who want to get back on their bikes after only a short repair time if the worst comes to the worst.

Speaking of repairs: All REVOLOOP products can be patched very easily with our repair kit. Simply clean the defective area with the alcohol wipe provided, allow to flash off briefly and stick on the patch. You'll be back on the road or trial in no time at all. You can find instructions for this on our REVOLOOP Tech page. Innovation, made in Germany.

Technical innovations in detail

REVOLOOP® - Valves made of high-strength TPU

In addition to the tube, all REVOLOOP valves are made of high-strength thermoplastic polyurethane. For this purpose, we have developed special injection molding tools that allow us to produce a high-strength TPU valve with an internal thread. This allows the valve cores to be unscrewed and replaced if necessary or the TPU valve to be fitted with a valve extension. We currently manufacture REVOLOOP valves in 40 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm lengths. Products with a valve length of 100 mm will also be available from summer 2024.

The particularly hard and tough material is significantly lighter than an aluminum valve with the same strength. With an average weight of just under 2 grams, we at REVOLOOP can use every extra gram where we need it. Namely on the tube. Innovation, made in Germany.