High Performance Bicycle Tubes 

Super lightweight, extremely stable, durable and simply beautiful to ride

REVOLOOP® - High Performance Bicycle Tubes

Find the perfect REVOLOOP TPU inner tube for your outdoor adventure! Whether you're a summiteer on a mountain bike, an asphalt runner on a racer or a city biker to the ice cream parlor - here comes your perfect bike tube made of multi-layer TPU. Are you more of a racing type? We have the right Superlight tube with minimal rolling resistance for your next ultra. Does cycling mean endurance training in the great outdoors for you? Then you'll find your new must-have in the Gravel series. Enjoy cycling with REVOLOOP - Made in Germany.

High Tech made of TPU

REVOLOOP® - High Performance Bicycle Tubes

When it comes to high-tech in the bicycle sector, hardly anyone thinks of the inner tube first. Inconspicuously installed behind the casing and rim, it is more a matter of course than a performance component. We at REVOLOOP have changed that. Through many years of intensive development work, we have succeeded in improving the classic bicycle inner tube in every respect. Thanks to the development of multi-layer extruded thermoplastic polyurethane, we are now able to produce high-strength and at the same time very tough and elastic material composites whose properties are perfectly tailored to the different requirements of riders and bikes. Weight, puncture resistance, rolling behavior and environmental compatibility have been significantly improved in all disciplines compared to conventional butyl products. Let the performance of the innovative REVOLOOP bicycle tubes convince you and ride at the front. REVOLOOP - Made in Germany.

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